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If your company is seeking access to new markets and capital Grosvenor can advise and assist you. Our advice is based upon hands-on corporate experience and tends to be more specialized and pragmatic than most other sources. Grosvenor provides assistance through an extensive understanding of all facets of domestic and International capital markets. This includes virtually every type of debt and equity financing. Grosvenor understands capital limitations and is able to structure transactions that are beneficial to all parties.

Grosvenor offers the following services:

  1. We introduce and facilitate both domestic and international agreements, such as licensing, joint ventures, strategic partnerships, and marketing & distribution agreements.
  2. We provide essential advice for companies seeking to establish an International presence.
  3. We offer pragmatic business advice geared for real world situations.
  4. We can suggest low cost strategies for taking a company public, and selection of an underwriter; we also will be upfront and tell you that you may not be ready for the public market if we deem it so.
  5. We can create, advise and assist in the implementation of an effective merger & acquisition strategy.
  6. We can supply key analyst reports for aftermarket support
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